Opossums, or possums are the largest order of marsupials in the Western Hemisphere, belonging to the family Didelphimorphia.

Opossums are small to large sized with an average length of 21-36 inches, and average weight of 4-15 pounds.

They have a lifespan of 1-2 years in the wild.

Opossums typically have cat-sized body, grey fur with a white face, long pointy snout, round dark eyes and hairless ears, four paws, long hairless tail spanning over 1/3 of its total body length.

Due to their robust immune system given by the venoms of rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and other pit vipers, opossums are unlikely to carry any disease, however 1 in 800 could carry the Rabies virus.

When they feel threatened, they ‘play possum’, pretending to be a sick or dead. Their physiological defence is highly effective, causing them to seize up, allowing them to prodded, moved or carried away without a peep from the rodent.

Where Do Opossums Live?

They are challenging and stubborn to remove once they settle in and get comfortable. They happily stay in one area, like your home, as long as food and shelter are easily accessible.

What Do Opossums Eat?

Opossums are opportunistic omnivores, consuming a combination of meat and vegetation as part of their diets.

Opossum Removal

To prevent them from entering your home and causing damage:

  • Seal all entry points and holes
  • Limit access to food sources, shelter, and water in and around your house
  • Repair holes or foundational cracks in your house
  • Invest in tight-fitting lids for your trash cans

We humanely trap and relocate these animals.


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