Groundhog, or woodchuck, is the largest rodent belonging to the squirrel family, Sciuridae, and often known as the largest North American squirrel. Groundhog are well known for their burrowing and destructive behaviours, often destroying crops, gardens and even your home.

Groundhogs are medium to large sized with an average length of 20 inches with an additional length of 6-8 inches added by their tail, and they weigh on average 6-14 pounds.

They have a lifespan of 3-6 years in the wild.

Groundhog typically have an elongated round body, covered in brown to black fur, with a small bushy tail, short legs with curved claws for burrowing, small eyes and ears located at the top of a flat head, and two long, ever-growing incisors. They look like a little bear when standing on two legs.

Where Do Groundhog Live?

Groundhogs are found only in North America. They spend most of their time underground. They prefer woodland areas, where they dig burrows that can be up to 6 feet deep and 20 feet wide, with several entrances into the hole. They are known to be able to chuck about 700 lbs of wood.

They typically create tunnel or burrow under your home or deck, and chew through whatever that is in their way into your home, which can cause signification damage to your home. They often chew through electrical wires, irrigation and water systems which can additionally end up costing you quite a lot to fix.

What Do Groundhog Eat?

Groundhog are typically herbivores, usually eating vegetations. Their diet could include fruit, plants, tree bark and grasses. Rarely they also eat insects.

Groundhog Removal

The most effective way to get rid of groundhogs and prevent groundhog damage is being proactive and preventing them before they get out of hand.

Some signs of groundhog damage include:

  • 1/4-3/4” wide teeth marks on wood and lower branches of trees
  • Mounds of soil outside a burrow entrance
  • Deep holes in the ground
  • Damaged or hollowed out crops
  • Chewed wires, tubing, or irrigation systems
  • Groundhog tracks: five toes on the front foot and four toes on the back with profound claw markings

To prevent them from entering your home and causing damage:

  • Seal all entry points and holes they can create a den in
  • Limit access to food sources, shelter, and water in and around your house
  • Repair holes or foundational cracks in and around your house

It is best to immediately remove them off your property. We humanely trap and relocate these animals.


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