Birds are beautiful animals to admire from far, however they are nuisance and a health risk to human when they break into your house, ideally through the exhaust vents. While it can go undetected for long periods of time, if left for extended periods, birds can cause substantial damage to your property. Birds are also of major health concerns.

Birds impose risks and threats to human health through their harmful characteristics; bird droppings, shed feathers, diseases and parasites, largely carried in their droppings which has a foul odour and carries many dangerous disease-causing bacteria and fungi.

Commonly of nuisance to human include House Sparrow, Starling, and Pigeons.

Sparrows are small birds belonging to the family Passerellidae. They are approximately 6 inches in length, with the female and young commonly found to be dull brown with dirty white breast and brow.

Sparrows prefer to nest in protected man-made environments, and they will find shelter in your house, commonly in gutters, roof, light fixtures, and dryer vents.


Starlings are also small to medium sized birds, belonging to the family Sturnidae. They are approximately 7-8 inches in length, with feather colours varying with the season from purplish black in the summer, and speckled-like in the winter.

Starlings, like sparrows, also like to nest in residential venting systems.

Pigeons are slightly larger birds, belonging to the family Columbiformes, with about 11 different species in North America. They are approximately 13 inches long, with feather colours varying from white to black. They are characterized by their stock body, short legs and neck, and small head.

What Do Birds Eat?

Their diet consists largely of insects, soft fruits, grains and seeds.

Pigeons feed on anything they can get their beaks on, which includes, garbage, vegetable matter, insects, etc. This results in very acidic droppings which can cause signification damage to your house, equipment, painted surface, marble, etc.

Where Do Birds Live?

They are commonly known to nest in residential spaces, like the kitchen, bathrooms, and dryer and oven vents of your house. They also build their nests by displacing nests of other birds, in gutters, light fixtures, and the roof of your house.

Pigeons are very troublesome as they nest in a variety of hard-to-reach locations such as building ledges, signs, air conditioners, etc.

Bird Removal

Due to their harmful characteristics that cause damage to your home and health, they need to be removed from immediately.

To prevent them from entering your home and causing damage:

  • Seal all entry points and openings
  • Limit access to shelter in and around your house
  • Repair holes or foundational cracks in your house

We are dedicated to removing the dangers of bird infestation in a safe and humane manner.


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